Community Events

Our current 2018 sessions:

Music Production and creative writing.

Our music production and creative writing workshops provide teenagers in Nottingham a safe place to be creative. Many workshops get teenagers gang members of the streets and provide a positive alternative to being on the streets with knifes and drugs.

Boxercise for women.

We provide women only boxercise workshops. During these workshops we provide keyboard and poetry sessions for children of the women who attend boxercise. Over 30 BAME women in the heart of Nottingham attend this session.

Life coaching and Knife crime awareness.

We deliver sessions to young offenders as apart of their statutory requirement which discusses law and health around knife crime, life skills and creative activities.

Art expression and mindfulness.

Teaching young children how to express themselves through art, this workshop also does weekly mindfulness activities. We are working with the children to create a piece of art work for the local community centre and art work for them to take home.

Empowering women.

This session provides weekly engagement with women promoting better mental health and well-being. Including cooking, discussion and learning workshops.

Keyboard and drumming.

We provide an opportunity for children across Nottingham to learn how to play the keyboard for free.