Nottingham Peace Project C.I.C (NPP) is a non-profit organisation established to build positive communities. Our mission is to help people improve their mind-states and ultimately their health and well-being, through a range of fun, holistic, lifestyle workshops and projects, we aim to empower communities.

NPP has a vision of working with the local councils to help create strong vibrant thriving communities. A place where we all can learn, socialise and be happy. A vision of inclusion, positivity and improved well-being amongst all ages, ethnicity, gender, religion, education and nationality.

For the community by the community.

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Read our 2018 nottingham peace project 2018 activity report

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“Very positive staff, enthusiasm from staff made everyone feel welcome”


“Great Sessions, So fun and Engaging”


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Why did you start NPP? Growing up in the deprived areas of Nottingham I know first-hand what it is like to be a teenager with lack of positive male role models, opportunity and resources. Growing up in deprived communities followed by adult health issues and traumatising life situations which lead to poor mental health, lack … Continue reading Interview with founder, Jamahl Peterkin

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